C1 Wk4 Ungraded Lab

I’m stepping through the lab and keep getting an error in the cell which should load an image to test on: MessageError: TypeError: google.colab._files is undefined

I’m on Colab. I’ve tried doing this using Edge and Firefox browsers on Win. Fuller error message:

/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/google/colab/_message.py in read_reply_from_input(message_id, timeout_sec)
100 reply.get(‘colab_msg_id’) == message_id):
101 if ‘error’ in reply:
→ 102 raise MessageError(reply[‘error’])
103 return reply.get(‘data’, None)

MessageError: TypeError: google.colab._files is undefined

I would suggest you try in chrome; the _files is probably some private method that is proprietary on chrome I would guess that is not working through.

I had cookie blocking on and switched it offin Chrome. You can whitelist https://[*.]googleusercontent.com:443

Haveb’t checked back in FF.

Thanks anyway!