Unable to load Chroma in google colab

I can’t import chroma in google colab, it says can’t import Doc from typing_extentions, can someone help?

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Is your browser extension blocked?


Is there any specific extension that I should enable separately?

Hi @Toufik1

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are your running the lab through course platform or locally?

Keep in mind that this labs wasn’t design to run locally, so it may be expect some issues.

Besides, you have to install and setup your envirioment by your own if you intend to run outside of the course platform.

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Hello @elirod,
Thank you for your reply.
I am not using course platform, I was trying with some different data in a Google colab file. I installed chromadb there with pip, so I don’t why there is an error while I am importing it. I tried importing it with Langchain wrapper as well, but got the same error.

Can you share the error image