Chromadb not working in google colab

When I try to run some courses’ notebooks that need vectorstore with langchain and chromadb is used, my google colab fails:

“ValueError: You are using a deprecated configuration of Chroma.”

Does anybody experience that too?

Any hints for solution?

Hi @Netwolf

Please, move you post to the proper category. If you are facing a issue regards a short course or specialization, the ideal is to post on the proper space.

This will help the community to look for a solution to help you out.


Hi there.
I’ve put iyt here because it doesn’t seem to be a course or specialization problem, but a problem regarding the use of Google Colab Notebooks with chromadb, so it is generic.
I even faced a similar problem when running chromadb in IDEs like PyCharm.
Please feel free to move this to any place you feel more fitting.
Nevertheless, I’ve found a workaround that I wish to share:
If you force the installation of 0.3.23 version of chroma, it works:
“!pip install chromadb==0.3.23”
Thanks again.

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Have you checked this?


Very good!