C1W1 Error during assignment submission

My C1W1 assignment is getting compiled just fine but during submission it is giving the following error:
Cell #13. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: <HTTPError 403: ‘Forbidden’>
Please find the below screenshot for your reference, and guide me on how can I get this issue resolved

Hi Masoom_Abbas! Hope you are having a great day.
I tried it on my notebook and have identified the issue. Please set the download parameter as False in the MNIST call.

MNIST(‘.’,download=False, transform=transforms.ToTensor())

This should sort out the issue.

Yes, it worked. Thanks Nithin_Skantha_M

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You are welcome, Masoom. For more clarity: Download=True downloads the data from the internet which the grader might not be expecting.
Hope you are enjoying and playing around with GANs. More interesting things to come up. Do reach out if you face any issues.
Have fun!