C1W3_Assignment Exercise 6 grader unexpected error

Hello everyone! I completed the week 3 assignment and my code passed all tests. However, the grader gives me 0 points for exercise 6 (and max points for all other exercises) and displays an “unexpected error” prompting me to visit the Discussion forum to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue. I know posting the code is against the rules, so I hope the moderator can preview and remove it. Could you help me figure out what the issue is please? Thank you in advance!

Hey @ts0807,

Your code looks completely fine (there is no need for Y_hat = np.dot(W.T, X) + b as your unittests pass). Usually, in these cases, I recommend people to:

  1. Resubmit the code later.
  2. Restart the session and run all cells to see if the unittests pass.
  3. Backup the current answer and revert back to the base file from the Checkpoint section and re-type all your code.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask if you need further assistance.

“unexpected error” could mean that your notebook might be obsolete. How long ago did you first get this copy of the notebook?

Thank you @Alireza_Saei and @TMosh. I just saved the notebook and re-ran it again and it’s giving me the same error. The first copy of the notebook was created yesterday and I finished and submitted my work within ~2h of starting it, so I’m really not sure what the issue is…

@ts0807, please check your personal messages for instructions.