Grader "Unexpected Error"

Hello. My latest assignment (C3W4A1) cannot be graded because it receives an “Unexpected Error” for each exercise. I’ve only added comments, not print statements nor any other thing that might cause a problem. Can someone find out what’s going on, please?
My labid is agoixzfg.

Has anybody else had problems with the grader for C3W4A1, or is it just me?
Before beginning an assignment, I make a copy to serve as an “Original” in case I break something that would be too hard to fix, rather than just redo it all.
I therefore redid the whole assignment from scratch, but am still getting the “Unexpected Error” for each and every exercise in the assignment.

Hi Marshall_Mayberry,

I am not sure if I will be able to help you, but if you send me your notebook as an attachment to a direct mail I can see if there’s something in your code that causes this issue.

Hello, @reinoudbosch,

It turns out that I had accidentally changed code outside the edit zone that affected the global variable vocab. Once I recognized that, the code worked and I moved on to Course 4. Now, I can’t get back to Course 3.
But, thank you for responding. Until I realized what was happening, it had been a really frustrating week having multiple errors to contend with.

Hi Marshall_Mayberry,

It’s good to hear that you were able to resolve this. Good luck with Course 4!

Can anyone share a fresh untouched copy of C3_W4_Assignment_A1? This will be very helpful.

Hi, @Azmine_Toushik_Wasi ,

I kept originals on all assignments. Here’s the one for C3W4:
C3_W4_Assignment-Original.ipynb (63.0 KB)

I hope that helps.


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Hi @Azmine_Toushik_Wasi

How to Refresh your Workspace

H​ow to Refresh your Workspace:

Using Lab Help

  1. O​pen the assignment.
  2. After the assignment opens up, c​lick "File" (top left) and then "Open…"
  3. W​hen your workspace opens, select the check box before your assignment file. After it is selected, press "Shutdown".
  4. U​sing the same procedure mentioned above, "Rename" your file. For instance you can change it from assignment_name.ipynb to assignment_name_v2.ipynb. By doing this you’ll be able to save your current progress on the assignment after the latest assignment file is fetched.
  5. Using the same procedure, "Delete" any other file, if any, that you want to get a fresh copy of.
  6. After renaming your file, click on the "Help" button on the top right of the page. From the panel that opens, click "Get latest version" button, and then "Update lab".
  7. A​fter the page reloads go to File → Open… , as described in (2)
  8. Now you’ll see two notebook files. The one you renamed (as done in step 4) will have your previous progress, and the latest version. (Depending on how many previous versions you have kept saved, you could have more than two assignment files in the worksapce)