C1W3 - X matrix input


One question on the quiz i am always getting wrong but i cannot see it why its wrong:

  1. Given Matrix X of inputs, each row correspond to one example of the inputs. Why is this incorrect?

Hi @chichulito

It is mentioned in course that in matrix X, each column represents each training example!

In video Vectorizing Across Multiple Example (3:59):

So recall that we defined the matrix x to be equal to our training examples stacked up in these columns like so. So take the training examples and stack them in columns. So this becomes a n, or maybe nx by m diminish the matrix.

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Note that there is no universal standard or the orientation of the examples within the X matrix.

  • Sometimes the examples are in the rows.
  • Sometimes the examples are in the columns.

It depends on how the data set was configured (and this usually involves what set of tools you’re going to use).

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