C1W4_Assignment: Programming Assignment: Create a VGG network

I can not pass this asignment although pass all tests

@Community-Team Please look into the matter.

Which assignment is this?

C1W4_Assignment: Programming Assignment: Create a VGG network

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Hmm, I tried submitting as well and got 100%. Here is my screenshot:

You should check if the assignment file name is the default one, or maybe you are doing some mistakes. If the assignment name is not the default one or some old version then you need to perform a force refresh or choose the latest version at File-> Open…

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I tried to “get latest version” and “reboot” the lab but got the same problem.
How can I revert all code to original version ?

Hi @D_c_Bui,
“Get latest version” will not replace files if there is already a file with that same name, so start by renaming your current assignment file. Then you can use “get latest version” to restore the original version. After that, you can copy/paste your work from the renamed file into the new file.


This tick of @Wendy solve the problem, thanks.

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