C1W4B Controllable GAN

Learner Error: Grader timed out

Please try optimizing the efficiency of your solution and submit again. You can also visit the discussion forum to see if your peers have experienced and found resolutions for similar errors, or if course staff have provided prior guidance for these errors… If the error isn’t resolved in 24 hours, please reach out to Coursera through our Help Center.

The Gan works just fine in the lab but I’m constantly getting this grader failed message, anyone encountered the same issue??

Hi, @edwardlfh. Please refer to this thread for a potential solution.

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Also, in this thread a mentor is suggesting that the error might be caused by an infinite loop.

Another thing worth trying is:

  1. Kernel → Restart and Clear Output
  2. Save
  3. Submit

The point is that running the training can create a large memory image, which can impede the performance of the grader. But the grader does not need to see your output: it only needs to call your functions.

But problems like this can also be caused by “bad weather” in the cloud. So if the “Kernel Restart” doesn’t work, you might also try coming back in 4 or 8 hours and trying again.


Tried for a couple of times but didn’t work.There are only 2 questions in the assignment. First calculate updated noise, second be penalising changes to other classes with an L2 norm. I don’t think any of them involve in loops that may cripple or slow down the program. Any idea what might be the problem?

I’m pretty sure no loop is involve in this assignment.

Hi, Can you please share a snapshot of the error?
Thank you!

Hi Nydia, here I attached the error message from the grader,

and then these are my solutions to the assignment.

Hi! Can you please output the error of the cell? not of the grader

That’s the fun part, everything is working just fine, there is no error output to my best knowledge.

Hi Ed!

Can you just share your notebook with me through a private message, I shall take a look at it.