C2 Feedback for enhancements

I’ve just finished course 2. Overall a great learning experience. Thank you to the entire course staff. My feedback regarding enhancements:

  • English transcripts are not too bad but they need some serious amendment.
  • With all necessary respect: Sharon talks in high speed mode, she is enthusiastic and engaged. But please slow down a bit, students will be thankful and learning will be more effective.
  • Most jupyter notebooks are set up in a way that pdf exports do not work. Exceptions are the StyleGAN2 and BigGAN notebooks in week3 where it works perfectly. Please do the necessary to enable pdf export in all notebooks.

Thanks @Heinz_DURR, great feedback!

  1. I think they are evaluating an AI auto translate model, so it is certainly not perfect, but will improve over time as they train it!

  2. One thing you can do to slow Sharon down yourself–in the window of the video player, there is a gear icon you can click on. This can be used to selectively slow down/speed up the video playback. I do this all the time for slow speakers. I see that we are able to slowdown playback by 25%, which seems pretty good. You can also speed up playback in 25% increments up to 2x the original speed.

  3. As for the download to .pdf, that is an issue. I will see if I can find a workaround for the moment, but @paulinpaloalto, is the .pdf conversion something that can be put on the wish list? I think it just requires installing some modules as explained here:
    IPython/Jupyter Problems saving notebook as PDF - Stack Overflow

@Heinz_DURR, I was able to download a pdf doing the following:

On Mac OS:

command + P → you will get a print dialog box → change destination as PDF → Click print

On Windows:

Ctrl + P → you will get a print dialog box → change destination as PDF → Click print

This was discussed in the link I sent previously. You may have to install pandoc on your machine to enable this feature, which I did. Hope that helps until Coursera can update the drop down menu.