Lesson 3 lecture/video mismatch with notebook

I’m facing a problem with the lecture https://learn.deeplearning.ai/courses/building-applications-vector-databases/lesson/4/recommender-systems.

The video of this lecture doesn’t belong to this lecture, however, the jupyter notebook is correctly configured for the recommender systems. The video on the right-hand side covers RAG, previous lecture i.e. lecture 3. Can you look into it and figure out why the correct video isn’t coming up?

Hello @fatirmalikds, this issue should be sent via email to community@deeplearning.ai (I just did so to save time, but mentioned that you discovered the issue):

I’d like to suggest that you also change the title of your post to something more explicit, such as “Lesson 3 lecture/video mismatch with notebook,” or “technical issue with DLAI infrastructure.” But again, per the DLAI FAQ excerpt above, email is the mechanism to use for such issues.

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I’ll tag the DLAI staff who handles the Short Courses.

Indeed, the thread title should be a summary of the issue - not just the name of the course. The course is already identified by the forum title and tags.

You can edit the thread title using the “pencil” icon (shown at the end of the title).

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Hi @fatirmalikds,

When I look at this particular lecture, both the video and the notebook seem to be of the same lecture. I’m attaching a screenshot:

Not sure what you saw, maybe it was a glitch ? Could I ask you to share a screenshot of what you think is the issue ? (Please tag me when you reply)



I just revisited the lecture; now, the video and notebook are fine. Maybe it was a glitch back then. Anyways, thanks for your support, everyone.