C2_W1 Assignment Exercise 3: Wrong output. Check the dot product

My code in my_dense_v works on the test case as well as on all the cells following it. However, I keep getting the assertion “Wrong output. Check the dot product.” I am not sure what is wrong but because of this, I cannot pass the assignment. Also, it said that 2.6 was optional yet it is necessary in order to pass the assignment.

Hello @epsilonbrain

The 2 things to check in the implementation of this exercise are:

  1. What is the shape of A_out
  2. What are the values of A_out

Run your implementation of my_dense_v with the following inputs:

A_in = np.array([2., 1., 4., 3.])
W = np.array([[1., 3.], [1., 3.], [1., 3.], [1., 3.]])
b = np.array([0., 0.])

What is the value of A_out that you are getting?

The issue was that I automatically applied the sigmoid function at the end regardless of what g was. It is now fixed. Thank you


Hi there, I had the same problem. Instead of calling g() I was calling sigmoid()