C1W1, Keep getting the error to check the dot product

I have tried all possible methods like reshaping and trying matrix multiplication or be it dot product, everytime I get this warning. Anyone has any idea why?

Hi @Hrishabh_Tiwari,

def my_dense_v(A_in, W, b, g):
    Computes dense layer
      A_in (ndarray (m,n)) : Data, m examples, n features each
      W    (ndarray (n,j)) : Weight matrix, n features per unit, j units
      b    (ndarray (j,1)) : bias vector, j units  
      g    activation function (e.g. sigmoid, relu..)
      A_out (ndarray (m,j)) : m examples, j units

The function accepts g to be the activation function that will be used, please use g instead of creating your own sigmoid function inside.


P.S. I am removing your image because we don’t encourage learners to share assignment code. Next time, please share the error and we may ask you send your code via Direct Message.

Thank you, I will keep the assignment sharing part in mind.

You are welcome Hrishabh!