C2 W1 graded assignment: deleted file/404 issue

Hi community,

I was trying to follow the instructions to have my notebook revert back to the beginning so I could restart the assignment. I followed the instructions to rename the file and then I deleted the file per step 5.

It looks like, before leaving the page, I was supposed to do a couple more steps to complete the refresh. I thought I could just leave the page and go back into the assignment to get a new one.

I’m now getting a 404 error when I try to open the assignment.

What can I do to get the notebook back so I can complete the assignment?

Hello @uwsthoughts
If you are still getting 404 error for that assignment, then click “Help” and then “Lab Help → Get Latest Version” to get a fresh copy of the notebook. Kindly refer this thread which documents the “Get a Fresh Copy” procedure in detail.

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