Math for Machine Learning FAQ


These steps are tried and tested :smile:

  1. Click file, then select open. You will find all the files related to the assignment. Here if you have saved a copy of your notebook with renaming other than what was mentioned. Then go ahead and delete the assignment notebook by selecting the particular notebook.

  2. Once deleted, you will find 404 not found image on your browser. Then close the browser.

  3. Open the assignment page again, when you open you will find 404 not found.

  4. At this time, click :question: on the right hand top corner Before Grades, where you will find Reboot. Click reboot.

  5. Then click the same :question:on the right hand top corner, then click Get latest version and then Update lab.

I just now tried and got a fresh copy, just to see if this would work, and it does work.

Sometime closing the browser helps you to get the fresh copy before you click Get Latest version and Update lab.

Hope it Helps!!!


Topic 1b: Short version of “getting a new copy of a notebook”

  • Open the notebook.
  • From the File menu, “Rename” the notebook. You can use this for reference later.
  • If the notebook uses a file for unit tests (such as “w?”), you should use the File → Open → Delete process to delete the existing .py. When you select a file’s checkbox, a red “trash can” icon will appear. Click on it to delete the selected file.
  • From the Help menu, use “Get latest version”. This will give you the latest version of any missing files (i.e. any files you have renamed or deleted).
  • From the File menu, open the notebook file that was just installed. It will have the original notebook file name.
  • Go to the Kernel menu, and use “Restart and clear output”.

Now you can begin working on the assignment.
Note: You cannot submit a renamed notebook for grading.

TOPIC 2: Do not use the “#grade up to here” tag
Any incomplete code after that tag will cause extremely confusing error messages from the grader, regarding functions being 'NoneType", etc.

TOPIC 3: Tips for C3 W1 assignment: prob_of_f _given_C() function
There are a lot of “None” statements to replace in this function. Here are a few guidelines:

  • The match inside the for-loop is over the feature names.
  • References to params_dict[…] use the the breed and feature name, and a text string for the appropriate dictionary value (such as “mu”, “sigma”, “n”, “p”, “a”, or “b”).
  • References to a probability function use a feature val and the correct parameters for that probability (found within the same case statement).
  • The final multiplication uses the probability_f value that was computed in each case.