Help me to refine the assignment

I have made some changes to the default exercise codes that have caused me to not generate a grade. How can I reset all the training settings to their original state?

Use the forum Search tool to find the “M4ML Resources” thread.
There you will find the FAQ.

it was not my solution
I waana turn back to the original codes, when I hadn’t start changing codes yet. when I had started the course

That’s what the FAQ has instructions for - updating your notebook back to the original version.

I didn’t find my answer in the thread you told. all of them were irrelevant to what I want
why so complex? why do you like to confuse me?
give me a direct way plz
I got stuck

The instructions in the FAQ “TOPIC 1” are exactly what you need to reinstall the notebook to the original version.

Here is a direct link.

Hopefully you can follow the instructions.