I don't get any grade and can't pass it C2_W1_Assignment

All outputs are the same as expected outputs
But I don’t get any grade because of these mistakes
I tried to solve it a lot, but I couldn’t.

I need help

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I believe you may be using an obsolete copy of the notebook ipynb file, or maybe an obsolete copy of the w1_unittest.py file.

Instructions for getting the correct versions of the materials can be found in the “M4ML Resources FAQ”. You can find it by using the forum search tool.

made the modifications directly after clicked on the open Assignment

How I can restore the original file
I clicked on help → get latest version
and Kernel and all restore options

“Get latest version” only works if you don’t have the original file.

So you have to go to the File menu and rename the old notebook file.
Also, use the File menu to delete your copy of w1_unittest.py.

Then you can use “Get latest version” to update both these files.

After that, you’ll need to use “Help → Reboot server”.

Then you can use the new notebook.

So how about opening the File menu and renaming the old notebook file.
Also, use the File menu to delete the copy of w1_unittest.py ?

this is help and solve all my problems