Grading Error: No module named 'w2_unittest' Need help!

I have trouble with the Grader at week 2 System of Linear Equations. Very appreciate if someone can help me.

I suspect that somehow your notebook file metadata has been mangled , and some of the instructions that the grader uses have been deleted.

Did you perhaps work on the notebook locally, or on some other platform (like Colab, for example), and then upload it back to Coursera for grading?

That usually damages the metadata.

The other way this happens is if you delete a cell by accident, and then try to replace it.

I see, thank you a lot that’s really explain everything.

If I make another file copy, re-do and rename it after finish will that perhaps fix the issue?

I noticed your thread is posted in the “Generative AI with Large Language Models” forum, but the grader report seems to imply you’re actually taking the “Math for Machine Learning” (M4ML) course.

I’m going to proceed here on the assumption you’re enrolled in M4ML. I have moved this thread to the correct forum area.

You can get a new copy of the notebook by using this procedure:

  • Open the notebook.
  • From the File menu, use the “Open” option.
  • Click on the checkboxes next to the “C1_W2_Assignment.ipynb” and “” files. This will cause a red “trash can” icon to appear in the menu.
  • Click on the trash can. This will delete those files.
  • Open the “Help” tool, and select “Get latest version”. This will put new copies of the notebook and unit test files into your File area.
  • Double-click on the “C1_W2_Assignment.ipynb” file name. This will open the notebook for editing in your browser.

Now you can complete the assignment by re-entering your code.