The notebook is showing “all test passes” for all exercises but I’m not getting any credit for anything. The stated problem for all exercises is “There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: cant assigh to keyword(<unknown<, line 51)
Right now my grade for this assignment is zero even though I’m getting “all test pass” for all exercises

Does your notebook pass all of the built-in tests, and give all of the expected outputs?

Have you left any of the parts of the assignment incomplete?

Yes, all the built-in tests are completed and passed and all the results are as expected.

Next thing to check is whether you ever accidentally deleted any of the code cells, and then tried to re-insert them.

No, I didn’t anything like that

For those who find this thread later:

Be careful that you do not modify the notebook file name. The grader expects to see the original filename.

No module named ‘w2_unittest’. I tried submitting this and i keep getting the same error. It says all units passed. Can you please assist me with this. My grade gives 0%

Two questions:
Open the notebook.
Open the Files menu.
Click on the “Open” option.
In the list of files, do you see “w2_unittest.py”?

Did you modify (or accidentally delete and then restore) the cell that has the “import” statements?

hi, im sorry i cannot get score at exercise 4 when submit the task , but I’m getting “all test pass”.
Screenshot 2023-12-06 000546

Did you leave any “None” statements in the notebook?

I didn’t leave “None” in the notebook

Did you use the “#grade up to here” tag?

no, I have delete the tag ‘#grade up to here’. I’m so confused as to how else

For those who find this thread later:

The issue was adding / copying extra code that wasn’t discussed n the instructions, which caused the grader metadata to be deleted. This makes the grader unhappy.

The only fix for this is to restart the assignment with a fresh copy of the notebook.

Same issue

Please be more specific. A screen capture image would be helpful.

It’s like this for each section:

I have already deleted the notebook and started over again, copying stuff into a fresh file for submission.

The problem is that your code doesn’t work correctly for the tests that the grader uses.

Passing the tests in the notebook does not prove your code is perfect.

Unfortunately the grader often gives misleading error messages when your code fails. It can be confusing.

To debug this further, check your entire notebook - not just the reduced_row_eschelon_form() function - if your code uses any global variables or hard-coded constants in places where it should use a local variable.

If you can’t find any fixes that way, we can escalate this a little further. Please post back on your progress.

Also please review my reply on this thread from Dec. 2023, just prior to your post today.

  • Do not add new cells.
  • Do not delete any cells.
  • Do not move cells.
  • Do not add or duplicate code that is already in the notebook elsewhere.