got it - thank you

all good now - much appreciated

Can you summarize how you fixed it, in case other students find this thread later?

Could you please help me :slight_smile: I am currently studying mathematics for machine learning, and I am in the second week of the linear algebra course. I realized that I made modifications to the code that I shouldn’t have, and after reading the instructions, I see that these modifications could lead to mistakes in grading my lab. Therefore, I want to reset my lab to its original state, but I’m not sure how to do that.

I’ve also reached out to Coursera chat, and they advised me to join your community and ask for assistance.

Thank you for your support.

Here is a process for getting a fresh copy of the notebook.

  • Open your current notebook.
  • Use the File menu and rename your notebook file.
  • Use the “Help” menu and select “Get latest version”. This gives you a fresh copy with the original file name.
  • Use the File menu and open the new file.
  • Use the Kernel menu and select “Restart & Clear Output”.

Then you can work on the new copy of the notebook.