There is an error from grader's side

I have correctly solved the C3_W1 Assignment but grader is showing 0 marks. Please look into the issue ASAP. I have to submit the assignment before 11 June.
I have attached my solved jupyter notebook.
C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb (141.3 KB)
It is showing this message for each exercise.

There appears to be an error in your notebook that is impacting several tasks.

Note that passing the tests in the notebook do not prove your code is perfect. The grader tests your code with a totally different set of data and environment.

hi, I have the same issue: no code error, all cells are giving results without problems and all tests passed but for each grading I get: The notebook you provided has a syntax error that prevents it from compiling.
How can I sort that out? I can share the NB with you if needed

I have solved it. Made a new notebook, named it as v2 and re solved the notebook.

can you explain to me how i can sort it on my side

if I copy the NB and resubmitt I get the exact same problem…

Use the Files menu to rename your current notebook and delete any .py files.
Then use the “Help” menu and “Get latest version”.
Then restart the server (also from the Help menu).

After that, you will need to manually copy the code segments you added to your original notebook into the new one.

Do not simply copy and paste the entire contents of your original notebook - that will not work.

You may also need to update some of your code, in case the new notebook has changed any of the function definitions. Use “Cell” → “Run All” and check your notebook test results in detail.

Only then should you submit your new notebook for grading.

Note that you cannot submit a notebook for grading if you have changed its file name. The grader always uses the original file name for the assignment, regardless of the name of the notebook you have open.