C2_W1 Graded Functions submission keeps failing due to "No module named 'IPython'"

I keep getting this error when submitting my notebook:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
No module named 'IPython'

I wasn’t sure if my notebook was corrupted so I created a new notebook and transferred the code for my functions to the new notebook, but the error wont go away. This is the resource I used: TF1: How to check your notebook's metadata

Have you tried searching this issue on the community, there are many post thread with the same issue. refer them

Like this one.

Check this one, this will help you

Hello @balaji.ambresh! I notice many learners faced this issue. Why not remove this line from the assignment?

from IPython.core.display import Image

The import you’ve pointed out doesn’t exist in the current version of the assignment starter code.

That’s weird because I didn’t add that library and when I created a new notebook it was there. I’m not sure what was happening. Removing the library fixed the issue.

Google colab allows reference to a github notebook via url.
This is the assignment url:

The target is https://colab.research.google.com/github/https-deeplearning-ai/tensorflow-1-public/blob/main/C2/W1/assignment/C2W1_Assignment.ipynb

I don’t know what internally google colab does to sync files but when in doubt, ensure that latest repository version matches with your colab version.