Error: No module IPython when trying to submit the wk1 assignment

I’m running into this exact error and was told to make a public post about it.
Can anyone help me out to submit this assignment for grading?


Thank you for doing this.
There is an import: import IPython in your notebook which is not provided as part of the starter code.
You are allowed to add only python standard library imports within the code. The provided imports are usually sufficient for solving the assignment. So, remove and try submitting again. Here are steps to refresh the workspace.

This line was not in the first 2 submissions I did and I had the same error.
I tried adding it into the 3rd submission without any other changes and got the same error.
Knowing the import isn’t in the previous code, what is the solution to fixing the error?

Please message me only the notebook which lead to the error and not things you added hoping to make the error go away.

Please remove this import from your notebook before submission:
from IPython.lib.display import join