C2_W2_Relu Incomplete

I’m going through the “ReLU Activation” lab, and the notebook looks unfinished. Halfway through the notebook the code starts giving errors, and there is no more markdown text that explains what the code is doing. There is also some sort of K-means code in the last cell. I checked with someone else and their notebook also has the same problem. Could someone please look into this?

Hi @Stuart_Fong1 , thank you for reporting this. I am reporting this to the staff.

Hello @Stuart_Fong1 , thank you again for reporting this. You may refresh the lab to see the correct version. If you have not refreshed a lab before, below are the steps.

Screenshot from 2022-06-18 22-13-08
Click File > Open.

Screenshot from 2022-06-18 22-14-52
Select only C2_W2_Relu.ipynb, then click the red trash button above to delete it (note that you may also shutdown the notebook and rename it instead of deleting it).

Screenshot from 2022-06-18 22-13-58
Click Help in the top right corner.

Screenshot from 2022-06-18 22-14-03
Click “Get latest version”

Then you should find a new C2_W2_Relu.ipynb file, and you may open it for the updated content.

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