C2_W4_Assignment superfluous "elif" statement

I have a question about the need for an elif statement in the harrell_c function. When we check if “at most one is censored” (=at least one event) this is true when we have the following possibilities of pairs of events: 0,1; 1,0; 1,1. In the next nested if statement the code must check for “if neither are censored”. This is true when we have the pair of events 1,1. The only pairs that are left after this if statement are those pairs of events 0,1 and 1,0. So there is no need for an elif statement to “check if one is censored” it would be necessary just a simple else. Am I wrong? What am I not seeing here? By the way my code with just “else” passed the muster. Thank you.

I think they are following procedure here its step by step when there are 2 examples left you have 2 more scenarios to be considered. But since there is not a difference between them as you explain I think the else would be fine too.

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I think that´s the case but I would like to be certain. Thank you for your reply.