Hello All,
Has anyone had a problem with the else: Syntax error.
I am aware that this involves the placement of the else clause. However, I am using the else: clause within the inner side of the if statement yet the error remains.


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Hello @Skkiles

Check your else: statement is under the if statement mentioned just before the else loop.

the second if statement comes under the first if loop and then else comes under the second if loop.


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Dear @Skkiles,

Please check line before the else statement.

or share your screenshot with us.


Hello Deepti_Prasad,

Thanks for getting back to me, this is a part of my graded assignment and is using a nested if statement. However, for testing purposes I also placed the else: clause Inside and outside but it does not work the way that should when making a decision within the inner loop.

Hello Girish,

UNQ_C1 is a part of my graded assignment, and I probably should not share the code within the forum.

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Issue explained:
Mis-matched parenthesis.

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Thanks everyone for your help issue resolved!