Programming Assignment for week 4 is showing an unexpected error

I don’t know why is this error occurring as I have only only changed the code inside the said #Type code here to the #code ends here section . Moreover this segment of the code is prewritten so ,What can be the problem? Plz help .

Well I search discourse and found a similar problem in a thread . The mentor told them to rename the notebook and update it . I tried and it worked . If anyone gets similar problem plz go here.Enjoy learning :slight_smile:

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The root cause of that type of syntax error is usually something incomplete on the previous line (e.g. a missing close parenthesis). If you didn’t get the error after getting the clean notebook, then it probably just means you were more careful with the code the second time.

Oh thanks , I did re write the code thinking there was an error in it .Thanks for the help I will pay more attention while writing my codes hereafter. :grin: