DLS 1 wk 4 Ass 1 cells don't run

I was getting a syntax error in the predefined code that comes after #YOUR CODE ENDS HERE
It points to line 29, assert(parameters[‘W’ + str( … etc and says Syntax error: Invalid syntax

This isn’t my code, so I restarted the kernel but now when I press shift-return nothing happens. The ln boxes go to ln[*] rather than recording the number of times I run the cell.

How do I get the system to work again?

Thank you for resetting my files, problem resolved :grin:

That was an update for everyone by the course staff to make some improvements in the notebook. Which is to say, you just got lucky. But generally speaking, there is a way to get a fresh copy of any of the notebooks anytime you want, even absent an update from the course staff. Please see the FAQ Thread for instructions.