C2W1 Assignment: I am not able to identify where is the issue in my code

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Mentor has removed your code.

@Shreyansh_Singh2603 I’m sure at some point one of the moderators will tell you sharing your code is a ‘no no’. And, personally, I am not much into downloading strange files (those of which I don’t know their origin). :grin:

Can you, instead, take a screenshot of whatever error you’re getting/specify what function you are having trouble with ?

Hi @Shreyansh_Singh2603 ,

Share your assignment in public would violate the code of conduct policy. Therefore, I have edited your first post and removed the link to your code. If you could post your query with any error messages/traceback, the community members and mentors are happy to offer their help in diagnosing the problem.


Here is the screenshot of the error that I am facing.


is this cat vs dog assignment??

Hi @Shreyansh_Singh2603 ,

I have no access to this course, and could not offer any suggestion. Please post a fresh query on the forum dedicated for your course with the assignment title, exercise name and error messages for speedy response.


send me screenshot of codes for create path and split data via personal DM

passing a test and getting an expected output doesn’t mean your codes would be as per the autograder.

i am closing this thread as you have created another thread. avoid creating multiple threads for the same issue.