Error in assignment C2W1

Hello Fátima, how are you?

I got a bit confused regarding the part where you have doubts and where the error occurred earlier. I believe that if you provide more information about your issue, it will be easier to identify what’s happening. In any case, you can send your notebook to me by clicking on my photo and then on the message option. We can then come back here to discuss in more detail.

I wish you successful studies!

Hello, Fatima!

I hope you’re doing well.

I received your notebook, and after debugging it a bit, I believe the error may be related to the dataset preprocessing.

Note that your validation set has more data than the expected output.


Here’s another tip that may help you identify this problem.

Try adjusting your dataset, and we can discuss it here again.
Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

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Actually, there is problem of order of directories… i try to solve it with multiple method but still order is validation,training and so on so for

Hello, @Fatima_Khalid!

The order of directories in the output is not a problem. I remember that when I sorted mine, it didn’t match either. Did you manage to resolve the issue with zero-sized files?

There’s even a note saying that the order may vary. I double-checked, and the names are correct.
Expected Output (directory order might vary)


I resolve the issue… Thanks!!