C2W1 Assignment not grading (error)

Hello everyone,

I finished the first week’s assignment for Course 2 of MLEP and every time I try to submit it, I get the error shown in the image bellow.

Before posting I tried the solutions mentioned in these articles with no success:

I would appreciate any help you could give me to submit this assignment,

Thank you!

Hi, and welcome to the Forum! As per our partner in Coursera, some learners are redirected to an old version of the assignment. They’re looking into it but in the meantime, the best action is to reset your deadlines so you’ll be put in the latest one. If you can’t find an option in your Dashboard to do the reset, please contact Learner Support (instructions here ). The agent should be able to help you do that. Just let me know if you encounter any problems there. Thanks!

Hi, till when can we expect this issue to be resolved ??

Hi! The advice from Coursera right now is to use the Learner Support channel as mentioned in the reply above. I think this is a new platform bug so it’s taking a while to fix it properly. Please try the workaround mentioned so you can submit the assignments. Thanks.

Hi! Same issue here. And I don’t have the option to reset deadlines for course 2 (I can see the reset option for courses 3 and 4).

I’ve just dropped a message to Coursera Learner Support.

Hi again! Just to give feedback.
The guys from the Coursera Learner Support fixed my problem. My course was not in a session. So they changed the deadlines and provided a session. I’ve successfully submitted the assignment.
They are quite reactive.

Thanks for your help,

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