C2W1_Assignment Submission error

I submitted the assignment, but i am getting error, i completed all modules and running well, but i am getting 60 marks


Hi @kiran1113 . Welcome to the course!

As a first check, did you try the following steps ?
If that does not help you further, please let us know.


Thanks , for your reply, now i am not getting submit button, is there is way to reset the whole page and do assignment?

Hi Kiran,

You can try the steps from the following thread:

Hopefully that helps.


Thanks, now it appears, is there any way to refresh and get new fresh assignment page, or will you send me order of the pipelines,in my case ### START CODE HERE

END CODE HERE is 10 th position is it correct and the code is running properly still iamgetting error, There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.