C2W1 Final Assgiment Exercise 3

When resolving Exercise 1, I come to this error:

File “”, line 51
A[i][j] = (count + alpha) / (count_prev_tag + alpha * num_tags)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Does anybody know what is wrong with it? How am I supposed to change cells values?

When you see a syntax error, it marks the point at which the parser gave up on understanding your code.

So the marker shows how far the parser looked - which means the error is usually in the line before the one that is marked.

Hi @Gaia_Quintana

While your header states Exercise 3, you explanation states exercise 1 and you selected week 1 of course 2, which doesn’t have any code line as mentioned by in the explanation!!!

So can you clarify on this if you selected correct assignment, week or exercise? You could share a screenshot of the error you are getting, without sharing any codes.