C4W1 - Error during evaluation


I am trying to complete the C4W1 assignment, so far, I have answered the first two exercises (the Unit Tests have passed). However, on pressing the submit assignment, these assignments are not getting scored.
I get the following error message for both solutions …
" There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
invalid syntax (, line 164)"

I am still to complete the assignment, would appreciate if you could help me identify the issue.

Hi @Rohit_Gajare ,

Syntax is the rules and structures that governs how a programming language is to be understood at run time. Syntax error usually arises from the previous line of code where it is reported. Often reported syntax error in exercise like this is a mismatch of parenthesis. So do check for that.


'# grade-up-to-here
Adding the above comment helped me. I have yet to complete the full list of exercises. This helped stop the evaluation program after the first two exercises.