Unable to get past syntax error even after refresh

“The notebook you provided has a syntax error that prevents it from compiling.”

Trying to submit W1 after just doing ex1. I get the above error. I followed instructions at How to reset the notebook - #4 by paulinpaloalto, but this is not helping. Has anyone else run into this?

Have you tried doing “Cell → Run All” in the notebook and then carefully scanning through all the cells to make sure there is not a syntax error being thrown somewhere? Also make sure that you you click “Save” before you click “Submit Assignment”: I have not taken NLP C4, so I don’t know how the graders work there, but in some of the DLS courses the “Submit” button does not do a “Save” for you. That means the grader may be seeing a different version than what you are seeing at present.

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Thanks for the response Paul! Yes, it turns out that there indeed were syntax errors in the unmodified notebook which I fixed. It’s submitting cleanly now!