The notebook you provided has a syntax error

After many tries to discover the syntax error, I reloaded a fresh version of the notebook, and continue receiving this error, even after just sending to check Question 1 to see if it goes well. Very frustrated after a long assignment this type of errors happen. Any idea to work around?

Hi, Eduardo.

I’m not a mentor for NLP, so I can’t directly help you solve this issue, but note that it typically doesn’t work to submit a notebook in which only some of the functions are completed. They frequently give you template code that is not syntactically valid as it stands until you complete the code. The point is that the grader runs all the cells in the notebook, so any syntax error anywhere will trigger the type of error you are seeing. You need to click “Cell → Run All” and make sure that all cells run successfully. They don’t need to pass the tests, but it needs to be syntactically valid python in order for the grader to run to completion and give you any scores on any of the actually correct functions.