C2W1 Programming Assignment: Optimizing Functions of One Variable: Cost Minimization

I am writing to bring to your attention a technical issue I am encountering while performing the lab. Despite successfully passing all the test cases for all four exercises, the grader is indicating errors and not granting me a passing status for the lab.

I have taken the initiative to reboot the lab, but unfortunately, the problem persists. I am reaching out to seek your guidance and assistance in resolving this matter promptly.

Your support in addressing this issue is highly appreciated. If there are specific steps or additional information needed from my end, please let me know, and I will promptly provide the necessary details.

Details are given bellow-
Course- Calculus for Machine Learning and Data Science
Week- 1
Lab- Programming Assignment: Optimizing Functions of One Variable: Cost Minimization
Lab ID- gmzmczfclipi

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Hi @Atharva_Ingale ,

Could you post a screenshot of the error reported. Your workspace is private to you, and it is not accessible by community members and mentors.

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As you see all test cases are passed

As you see all test cases are passed

As you see all test cases are passed

But the grader dose not give any grades and shows error output even if the all test cases are passed.

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Hi @Atharva_Ingale ,

From the error reported by the Grader, there is a problem with position argument. According to the error message, the function for f_of_omega() takes 1 postion argument, but 3 were given, so how could this happen? Please check the implementation instruction. As I have not done this course myself, I do not know this assignment to offer specific advice.

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You are using an obsolete copy of the programming assignment.
It makes the grader break.

Please delete your notebook file, and deleted the w1_unittest.py file, and use “Help->Get latest version” to start over on the lab.

You can delete those two files using the “File” menu.

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Can you say where you got your original notebook file from? Was it provided by Coursera, or did you get it from some other source? Or maybe you got it a long time ago, since before the lab was most recently updated?

Can anyone please help with Q3?

This error usually means you’re using an old copy of the notebook. That function takes three arguments now, not one.

You need to get the new copy of the assignment files and start over - because both the notebook and the unit test file were changed.

Can you say where you got the copy you are using now?

I’m using it on Coursera.

Did you start the course a long time ago? Because Coursera should have automatically given you the correct version if you started the assignment in the last few months.

Just started the course yesterday.

I checked your notebook, and it is an obsolete version.