Optimizing Functions of One Variable Cost Minimization

So here’s the part I haven’t finished yet because the stack from a while ago code can run as expected without any problems, but when submitted it only runs part 1, everything else is wrong with the error message “There was a problem assessing your submission. Details:
f_of_omega() requires 1 position argument but was given 3” I have tried but no result so in the “lab file” part there was a misunderstanding so I downloaded the file then I changed the file format that I inserted so there are 2 files that are the same like this the result do you know how to solve it or delete the file so that this course can be completed.

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This sounds like a very bad idea.

I recommend you use the procedure in the “M4ML Resources FAQ” to get a completely new copy of the assignment. You need to throw away both your notebook file and the .py files associated with it.

You can find the FAQ by using the forum Search tool.

Where is it located to be able to find the FAQ by using the forum search tool.

Please click the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner as highlighted in this screenshot:

thanks sir,so after clicking file, then select open. You will find all the files related to the task. Here if you have saved a copy of your notebook by renaming it other than what is mentioned. Then go ahead and delete the task notebook by selecting the specific notebook well how to delete it?

In the “Files->Open” view, click on the checkbox next to the file you want to delete.

A red “trash can” icon will appear in the toolbar.

Click on the trash can.

thanks sir

Thank you, but there is an error, does anyone understand why there is always an error in the picture on the side?

You are still using an obsolete copy of the notebook.

For example, the f_of_omega() function should have three parameters. Yours only has one.

still using an obsolete copy of the notebook. Then how to solve it so that you can get a new one, please step by step, thank you.

See the FAQ, and follow the instructions exactly: