C2W1 Programming Assignment

I submitted the notebook for the assignment but got 0/10 for the section Visualize Training Statistics although I am sure the code I have provided for that section works. Please look into this and if it’s indeed a mistake on my part, please do let me know what I have done wrong.


Unfortunately, I am not sure anyone here has access to your assignment and can “look into” what you have done. Only you have access to your assignments.

If you don’t mind share a screenshot of the cell in question and the output from the cell, perhaps a few more pairs of eyes can spot something that escaped your earlier inspection.

Hello David. I thought that the course moderators here might have access to my assignments. But here is the screenshot of my notebook cell.

I hope this helps.

How about trying this… Visualize the dataset without specifying whether this is a left or right protocol buffer? Since we are just visualizing one dataset anyway.

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Your advice worked! Thank you so much!

Way to go. Keep up the great work!

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