C2W1 Assignament submission error

Hello All,

I am having issues with the grading of the assignment, I have a 70/90 and the issue is in the two visualization tasks:

There is no info in the error message that I can use, but I am pretty confident that the solution I posted in the tasks are correct (not sure if I can past the solutions here)

Can someone please help me ?
Thank you !

To avoid missunderstings and saving time I am posting what I wrote in the cells to show that it is actually working:

Please you help with this, thank you

Hi Andres! This happened to some learners before and the issue was on the Coursera lab environment. You might need to simply refresh your notebook and copy your solutions to the new one. Please see this thread for reference: C2W1 Assignment - grader output showed error - #4 by chris.favila . Please let me know if that is indeed the issue so I can tell Coursera that the bug is still there. This does not happen to everyone and so far, I could not replicate it. Thank you!

Hello @chris.favila thanks for the quick reply and yes that solved the issue!
Have a nice day

Glad to hear that! Just one more question: In your old notebook, did you by any chance added or deleted any cell? Or did you add any new code outside the graded exercises? We’re trying to investigate the cause of this issue and this info might help. Thank you!

Yes I added and deleted some cells because otherwise the rendering of the .visualize_statistics() did not worked, I also suspected this but didnt know how to undo it :slight_smile:

I see. That might be the cause of the bug. Will try to replicate. Thanks for the info and enjoy the rest of the course!