W1 grading error

Hello everyone,

I completed the week 1 assignment and it seems that the grades system is not working properly.

Specifically, I am getting the following answers from the system while my submission seem to work perfectly fine.

Someone can help me with this?

Kind regards,


Hi! Welcome to Discourse!

If all exercises are giving the correct output, there might be an issue with the metadata of your notebook. We have submitted the issue to Coursera but while waiting for the final fix, here is a workaround that worked for some learners. In a nutshell, you’ll need to get a fresh copy of the notebook and paste your solutions there. Please take a look at this related thread for details on how to refresh a notebook: C2W1 Assignment - grader output showed error - #4 by chris.favila .

Hope this helps! If not, feel free to update here. Thanks!