C5-W1 Exercise 2: grading issue

I think something was wrong in the processing of grading my submission of C5-W1 Exercise 2. The grader output shows I have passed with 100/100 (see the right panel of the screenshot below), but the course system indicates that this assignment has not been finished (see the left panel of the screenshot). I have re-submitted my assignment many times but it still does not work. I have also reported this issue using the report link on the webpage, but have no reply. Since this assignment will be due very soon (Sep. 4, 2022), what shall I do? I will greatly appreciate you if you can help me out!

Hi @spacezhang

On the left side of your opened notebook, below the ‘Course material’, you would see ‘grades’; have a look to see if your assignment is listed there. Sometime, the system takes time to update its records. The mentors here have no access to the system, and you are right to report any issue related to the system to Coursera. Just keep your communication records with Coursera for future reference if needed. The deadline is there to help you plan your work, it would not impose any penalty to your grade if the deadline is passed.