C5W2A1 Got 100/100 but Coursera says not submitted

I submitted the assignment, and the grader gave me 100/100. For some reason, the page still says I have not submitted the assignment (same thing when I check my grades). I tried resubmitting a few times but to no avail. My lab ID is qandccbf. Does anyone know how to fix this, or should I contact Coursera directly?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @rguo
Kindly Contact https://www.coursera.support/s/community-help?language=en_US to resolve this issue.

Hi @rguo,

Can you direct message me the email you use for coursera ?


Hi @Mubsi and @jenitta.jebaraj,

I submitted again yesterday and saw that I passed the assignment today. The issue is fixed, though I am not sure what was wrong.

Thank you so much for helping!