Course 5, W1A3 Will not submit

I have completed the C5W1A3 assignment, and I have clicked submit numerous times, but the submission is not being recorded.

What can I do?

Hi @Edgard

Did you get a submission successful message? If you do, then, there is no problem with your submission. The grading record will be updated.

Hi Kic, thanks for your prompt reply. In fact, it is stuck on submitting…

I refreshed the notebook as per the guide and I am still facing the same issue.

Try using another browser or incognito.

I tried everything, I just waited it out and it eventually submitted.

Hi @Edgard ,

I have just submitted the same assignment under Window Edge, no problem at all. If your code passed all the unit tests, there shouldn’t be any issue. You can try a different browser as @saifkhanengr suggested.

Just to make sure, do the following:
kernel → restart and clear all output,
cell tab → run all

If all outputs are as expected, then click the submit button.

Let’s know if the problem persists.

Also, be very careful to remove any debugging code you added that may be outputting a lot of data to the notebook. This can slow down the grader drastically.