C2W2_Assignment: Wrong answer in ex. 6 but got 70/70!

I made mistake in ex. 6 but had correct answers in other 6 questions, and got 70/70!
My code returned a value error, but grader says 70/70.
I’m now not sure if my other answers are correct :confused:

Exactly the same thing!

Hi Ala and An! We are aware of this issue and have it in our list of things to fix. In the meantime, can you let us know what error you are getting? You can just scroll through the bottom of the traceback and copy the last error message there. I have a feeling it is a TypeError related to traffic volume. If so, then you might find the hint here useful. Hope it helps!

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the response.
I’ve actually fixed the bug in my code, and my only concern is now that if my other answers are correct. Also it would be nice to let me know when the issue is fixed, so I can resubmit and see if my answers are really correct :wink:

Same here ! The last one gives me error but grading gives 70/70