C2W2 Bias Programming Assignment


I’ve implemented get_top_covariances function. When I was running the UNIT TEST section, I encountered some discrepancies with the assert test cases. In order to address this, I adjusted them to match the output of my get_top_covariances() function. Consequently, all test cases passed successfully.

Despite this, I’m encountering an issue upon submission of my assignment. The error message I’m receiving is:

“Code Cell UNQ_C1: Function ‘get_top_covariances’ is incorrect. Check implementation. If numerous functions are flagged as incorrect, consider retracing your steps and identify if an erroneous function is being used in subsequent steps. This dependent relationship could be the root cause of the errors.”

Could you please assist in determining whether the issue is with my implementation or on the assignment’s side? I appreciate your help.

Thank you!

This means your code doesn’t work correctly. So the correct action is to fix your code, not modify the tests.

Yes, as Tom says, it was a mistake to change the tests. My suggestion would be to use the instructions here to get a clean copy of the notebook and then restore the test cases to their original state as the first step.

Then the next step is to debug your code and figure out why it fails the original correct test cases. You could start by showing us the output you get when the test fails.