C2W3: Account is still clean up

Please could you help me for the issue @esanina , I cannot reach to lab

@Serhat_Dinleyen thank you for the message. I have refreshed your account - it should work now.

@esanina Hi, Can you refresh my account as well? Account is still in clean up.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@esanina I am facing all these issues:

  1. Account in clean up - Timer would’ve started
  2. Notebook kernel takes time to start up
  3. Training takes 40min

At the end, I don’t enough time to finish the Assignment completely.

How can I get rid of the 1,2 points?

@Dikshit_Venkatesh are you having issues with the C2W3 lab or with any other lab?

Hi @esanina,

I had issues with C2W2. I had just 2 minutes left before I submitted my grades. I didn’t get enough time to go through step by step.

Like I said Starting the lab and starting the kernel consumes minutes. Then we have to wait for training and also during deployment. Lets say I have finished training the model but couldn’t test it, can I save the weights so that I can reuse it for just testing next time? Or should we start from the beginning when session time is over?

Thank you

@Dikshit_Venkatesh sorry for the inconvenience with the kernel load - there might have been technical issues at that time.

We would recommend to save the notebook locally and use it on the next session to save time.