C2W3 Lab "Account clean up issue"

Hi there, after I competed the week 2 lab and I wait for 2 days, I still can’t open the lab for week3. It always shows the message that “Account in Clean Up”. Maybe can u help with refresh my account lab or if there is anything else that can help with this issue? [@esanina]


Hi @Krish_Mahajan

Welcome to the community.

I will tag @esanina here, Maybe she can refresh your lab.

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@Krish_Mahajan thank you for the message. I have refreshed your account.

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@esanina Can you please refresh my account again. Also my kernel keeps dying during lab assignment. This is the 4th time.

@Krish_Mahajan I have refreshed your account. If the problem will keep reappearing, could you please send me the printscreens of that and your notebook to the email elena.sanina@deeplearning.ai

Thank you!