C2W3 Assignment (grader timed out)

I’m passing C2W3 assignment with 60/70. The grader output says I’m failing the prepare_dataset part of the assignment. I don’t understand because the dataset preparation is already coded in the cell and there’s no space indicating us to complete or change anything. The message informs the grader reached a timeout, but it doesn’t make sense. After all, splitting dataset into train/test is something we have been doing a lot with the MNIST or Fashion MNIST datasets so far. The grader’s message follows below.

Please, let me know what should I do.

Thanks in advance!

  • Learner Error: Grader timed out

Please try optimizing the efficiency of your solution and submit again. You can also visit the discussion forum to see if your peers have experienced and found resolutions for similar errors, or if course staff have provided prior guidance for these errors… If the error isn’t resolved in 24 hours, please reach out to Coursera through our Help Center.

Maybe there is an error in the 2 cells after the “Prepare the Dataset” cell. Maybe there is something wrong coded in them, i would check those at this point I were you.

Thanks for the reply, @gent.spah. I was checking those cells and I couldn’t find anything that called my attention for a mistake. All the outputs are matching correctly with the expected ones, what makes harder to understand what is going wrong.

Send a copy of your notebook on private I will have a look on it tomorrow, otherwise its a wild guess at this point.

Alright, for the initial stages I noticed 2 things that are not completely right and may have affected.

  1. Divide by a floating number i.e. 255.0 not just 255.

  2. At prepare dataset you should ,map, shuffle and then batch in this order exactly.

There might be others but see how it turns out after fixing these.

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Thank you, @gent.spah ! It’s finally working!