Grading failed due to Grader Timeout


So my TF-AT C2W3 submission is graded longer than usual, nearly 30 minutes. After that, I received feedback with Grading failed due to Grader Timeout.

The error states that I failed the prepare_dataset function, however, it ran without any errors.

Yes if some loop inside the code is taking forever that could happen, check prepare dataset, the problem is there! It just one line of code you have to fill in there make sure thats not running forever somehow!

Let us know if your issue is resolved.

As mentioned by gent.spah your codes prepare dataset might be unable to grade as it might be looking for the code to pass as per the instructions given and your coding must have not been the way assignment grader wants the code to be, so failing for that grader cell.

In case you are unable to get it. you can share that section of the grader via personal DM with me or gent.spah. Click on our names and then message.

Do not post codes here.


Thanks guys, it turns out that I haven’t shuffle the dataset :smile: Many thanks for your help!